Cardboard Token Set

$ 799

Level up your Skytear experience with this punchboard featuring 46 cardboard tokens:

  • 6 outsider tokens to help you play Hunting for Power the new victory card from Into Ashes expansion that’s all about defeating the Outsider
  • 36 minion tokens to make sure you will never run out of minions, especially if you like spawning them and your opponents don’t bother defeating them!
  • 36 victory tokens (on the flip side of the minion tokens) to track each players score on victory cards like Tactician, The Tamer, Onslaught, etc…
  • 4 Area of Effect templates, to help you determine exactly which hexes are being hit by your AoE’s

The punchboard is measuring 230x300x2 mm and is shrink wrapped with cellophane.

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