About Skytear Horde

Skytear Horde is a lane-based card battler in which one or two players fight against the horde of monsters controlled by the game.

Players say Skytear Horde gives them the feeling of playing a solo or cooperative version of competitive card battlers such as Keyforge, Hearthstone, or Magic: the Gathering.

≈7000 backers supported the project on two crowdfunding campaigns since 2022 and now you can get 2 stand-alone boxes that can be combined together.

In the 6 lanes of the battlefield monsters attack your castle while beyond the enemy line smaller minions pillage your resources, forcing you to discard cards from your deck each turn.

You lose the battle if your castle is destroyed or your deck runs out of cards.
You win if you destroy the portal spawning the monsters and the epic monster leading the horde.

There are many interesting choices on the tactical and strategic level: strike a balance between defending and counter-attacking but also fighting the minions pillaging your deck and the monsters destroying your castle.

While you juggle all these decisions you also have to be careful not to run out of cards, as the principal way to draw new cards is to destroy monsters!

Skytear Horde is really quick to setup, play, and store away. In just a few seconds you can restart a new game giving it a strong “just one more try” aspect.

Out of the retail box there are 3 ready-made alliance decks with different play styles and 3 horde decks with their own boss.

All these decks can be mixed and customized to provide additional combinations.

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