Snowball Fight Skins

$ 499

Fight with flair using the Snowball Fight digital skin pack!

Get 6 cards ready to use in Tabletop Simulator or at the table via print & play.

The skins are for the Onslaught Snowball Fight victory condition and for Yami, Ixatosk, Shyllavi, Ixatosk, and the dreaded Outsider Snowman!

After buying this item, you will get an email from with a link to import a saved object into Tabletop Simulator and the PDF of the print & play.

Thanks for supporting us, with style!


  • Will you make the printed version of these? Maybe someday! We haven’t committed to printing them yet.
  • Can I share it with friends? Not really, the purchase is for your personal use. There’s no watermark or other annoying elements, we just trust our community will do the right thing! 🙂