Skytear Storage Guide

Skytear can be extremely efficient to store, and this page is here to help you find the right storage solution for you.

Feel free to send your approach to and we will happily feature it here.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • All cards are 63x88mm (same as Magic: the Gathering, and many other games)
  • Hero miniatures are 38mm tall
  • The big outsider miniature is 90mm tall. It will be the harder thing to store and carry around!
  • Rounded tokens have a diameter of 25mm
  • For Power Cards, you should use opaque sleeves if you plan to use Into Ashes expansion. That is because cards in that expansion have a different radius for rounded corners, as we had to use a different factory during the first Covid-19 outbreak.
  • For Hero Cards, you can use transparent sleeves if you want to have the simplified version always visible on the back (most people do not though).
  • Here you can see the CARDS COUNT broken down for each product

All expansions fit inside the Starter Box

All the miniatures and cards from ALL the expansions can fit into the original Starter Box.

The starter box dimensions are 250 x 295 x 85 mm. Those are roughly 10 x 12 x 3.5 inches.

Astuni made a 3d printed insert that fits the base game with ALL expansions

You can download it here:

This is inspired by a similar organizer designed by Warbox:

If you cut the plastic inserts from the expansions, you can fit them inside the starter box. The above is an example from Smerle from the US.

This approach will probably not fit also the Winterdeep and Stormsear expansions though, as you will have to do without plastic inserts (see image to the right).

Above you can see the cards and miniatures from the starter box and the first 10 expansions (this example is from Thagor from France).

A side note: if you are playing with competitive deckbuilding rules you will need to re-build each hero deck after each game (since you shuffle the small hero decks together as you draft them, to form your final deck).

To quickly and easily re-build the small hero decks, you can mark the sleeves with stickers like these or simply use a permanent marker.

An example from Sander

Sander, from Belgium, created a custom insert with a laser printer and laser cut.

He kindly shared the source with us, and you can download them here.

An example from Tchielo

Tchielo from Brazil made multiple boxes with magnetized bases to tidily fit everything.

To the right, you can see the end result and below more close-ups.

Draft storage boxes

Brandon from the USA designed multiple types of storage boxes suitable for tournaments and the MOBA-style draft where you pre-build a deck for each available hero.

Each box has room for tokens and cards and of course the miniature itself.

Check out Brandon Etsy store here.

Using Feldherr foam trays

Chris D. from the US shared his own storage solution using Feldherr products. I wil put below his words directly:

Feldherr Storage Box FSLB150 – this is the full box, just a little bit bigger than the Skytear core box. I ordered this box and filled it with the following foam trays:

These trays all fit nice and snugly into the box, and I also put the game board, instruction manual, and solo game instructions on top within the box. So this storage solution carries everything ever made for Skytear that you need to play with the exception of the Ashen Pass rubber mat and the cards. Obviously a big thing that it doesn’t hold the cards, but this box will hold all of your models, as well as additional space for future expansions or for OP kit translucent models.
Secondly, I have attached photos of my “deck box” storage solution, also from Feldherr.

As seen in the photo, this box holds a fully sleeved 48 card deck, plus the 6 heroes and 1 outsider card. It holds your 6 heroes, 1 outsider (with the exception of the larger original outsider), about 10 minions, and the tokens and life counters that you need for your game.

This box is perfect to keep your deck and heroes together nicely in between games or to carry to your store or friend’s house to play. Bring this deckbox along with your big Skytear box above and you’ll have everything you need to play, all organized for easy setup and breakdown of a game.

I am guessing that the upcoming rules changes may change the size of the deck (note from editor: indeed, they went up from 8 to 10 per hero, note from editor), and I don’t believe this deckbox will support a 60 card deck, but I also believe that this magnetic deckbox is available in larger thicknesses which I will look into if I need more space for a bigger deck.

Some other examples

This is a plano 3600 storage box. Most of the hero minis can’t move when the top is shut because they are slightly angled in.

IamSerabith solution with small parts storage box available from most hardware stores with upholstery foam cut to size.

For tokens, you can use capsules with an Inside Diameter of 30.6mm x Depth 2.03mm, Outside Diameter of 36.5mm x Depth 5.1mm. The tokens will NOT come out in one piece. BUT the outside diameter allows them to sit in the hexes for the most part. Some larger diameters are hard to actually play with as they overhand the hex too much