Skytear Outsiders OP Kit

$ 6000

Each OP Kit includes 4 Promo Minion miniatures (one per faction) and 8 Promo Textless Power cards (two per faction) which are different and unique across all versions of the kits.

In addition, each kit contains unique heroes and outsiders miniatures as detailed below:

Version 1:

  • Promo Outsider miniature
  • Shafathi, Miyuki, Cotlic Promo hero miniatures

Version 2:

  • Silent Ambassador, Scourge of Puido Promo outsider miniatures
  • Freyhel, Zacoal, Akhuti Promo hero miniatures

Version 3:

  • Terror of the Endless Nights, Dark Vigilante Promo outsiders miniature
  • Tlakali, Gulbjarn, Sakoshi Promo hero miniatures