Skytear S1 OP Kit

$ 8000

This tournament kit contains everything you need to have 16 players play in any number of events (e.g. four 4-player tournaments, two 8-player ones, etc.).

Each of the 16 participants is receiving multiple plastic cosmetic upgrades just for taking part into the tournament, with the winners taking exclusive miniatures.

The exact contents are:

  • 3 Promo hero translucent miniatures (randomly chosen)
  • 4 Promo minion translucent miniatures (one per faction)
  • 16 Promo textless power cards (all different and random)
  • 24 Promo hero poker chips (one for each hero)
  • 40 Promo tower miniatures 

Please note: these kits are in stock ONLY IN EUROPE

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