Taulot Expansion

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The heroes of Taulot strike from the tunnels of their home, their innate hivemind.
Zacoal, malformed by Skytear designed to empower him, overpowers any invader.
Older than any other, Nelaclan can cast any spell, wielding powers long forgotten.
Charged with preventing entry to the realm, Achla is a master ambusher.
A rumbling is all the warning foes get before Ixatosk emerges from its burrows.

The expansion contains:

  • 4 Hero Miniatures (38mm)
  • 4 Minion Miniatures (25 mm)
  • 4 Hero Cards (63x88mm)
  • 32 Power Cards (63x88mm) — a pre-built deck

Please note: you can can freely combine heroes and cards from different factions.

Heroes and cards in this expansion

  • Discover the stories and skills of Achla, Zacoal, Ixatosk, and Nelaclen.
  • Browse all the cards included in this expansion (some 1x while others 3x. Please note: the cards that are present in a single copy in this box complement the ones present on the starter box in 2x so that you end up with 3x of all cards. This will be all you need to unlock ALL possible deckbuilding options. Because of this reason, there is NO need to buy multiple starter boxes or even multiple copies of the same expansions)
  • Check out the preset decks for these heroes that you can build with these cards

Miniatures are pre-assembled and not painted. Components may vary from those shown.

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