Outsiders Expansion

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This is the best next step after buying the starter box and the four faction expansions.

Each outsider in this expansion was a hero, now consumed by the power of Skytear.
Gulbjarn, Terror of the Endless Night, stalks the wilds, crippling his foes with fear.
Haburat, Dark Vigilante, deals a deadly series of strikes, never ceasing his pursuit.
Cotlic, Lord of The Ancestors, will stop at nothing to conquer the lane for his glory.
Akimo, infamous Scourge of Puido possesses a hero, driving them to violence at the cost of their own life.

This expansion contains:

When deckbuilding, you can bring an Outsider of your choice as part of your deck-building strategy, providing even more depth to this aspect of the game. The winner of the initial coin toss decides EITHER to be first/second player OR which outsider will be used. The loser, will take the other decision instead.

The Outsiders and cards included

  • In the deckbuilder here, you can see the cards of the four Outsiders included in this expansion: Lord of the Ancestors, Scourge of Puido, Dark Vigilante, and Terror of the Endless Night.
  • Here you can browse all the cards. There are 3 copies for each new Power card (that’s the maximum allowed in a deck).

Miniatures are pre-assembled and not painted. Components may vary from those shown.

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