Untamed Expansion

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Untamed is an expansion with 2 dual faction heroes that worship both Nupten and Liothan at once, helping you mix blue and yellow heroes together. In gameplay terms, when these heroes take a worship action you resolve both the blue and yellow worship in any order of your choice. This is the fourth and last release of the dual faction cycle including Stormsear, Winterdeep, and Unforgotten.

Untamed features the new type of power cards with two different kind of runes at once that can only be played by heroes with both runes. There are 5 blue/yellow and 5 red/yellow power cards.

The expansion contains:

  • 2 Hero Miniatures (38mm)
  • 2 Minion Miniatures (25 mm)
  • 2 Hero Cards (63x88mm)
  • 2 Hero HP Token (30x30mm)
  • 32 Power Cards (63x88mm)

Setheru is captured. The Nuptian Embassy is in ruins. Utsesh and Grialth broke their pacts and have joined forces, as new heroes emerge to reclaim their dominance and hunt the last few loyalists.
HERAAL, the Springtime Stalker, prowls the woods, hunting under the banners of Grialth and Utsesh.
KHEPIAX, the Lady of Lightning, as much outsider as human, prepares to bring the storm down on the dissenters.


Miniatures are pre-assembled and not painted. Components may vary from those shown.

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