Nupten Illusionists & Utsesh Horde

$ 2499


These 2 expansions are a leftover from the Kickstarter. They include:

  • 40 alliance cards, a pre-made Nupen deck all about slowing down the game while you collect the mentalist cards you need to unlock a game-changing combo.
  • 4 horde cards for the common set (Secret Passage, Raise the Dead, Utseshi Swarm, Onikai Legion) that you can mix with the 4 commons from the base box.
  • 21 horde cards, the Nightmares deck made of Mythical monsters such as harpies, golems, and chimaeras. These beasts are able to paralyze entire armies before the terrible arrival of the Utsesh outsider.
  • 6 outsider cards, The Dreaming Mathriarc, the Ancient Outsider, the Silent Ambassador.
  • 4 additional heroes, one per faction: Akimo, Shaidrus, Vorhild, Ixatosk.
  • 2 castles: the Cloud Gate and The Executioner’s Den, respectively for Akhuti and Haburat, the 2 heroes included in the pre-made deck.
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