Skytear Kickstarter Box

$ 19999

The few copies left are only available in our Europan warehouse.

The box includes:

In comparison with the retail version, the Kickstarter box includes:

  • ALL content of the Starter Box
  • ALL content of the 4 Faction Expansions
  • Only some of the cards from the Outsiders Box.
    Specifically, it is missing: Arena of Flames, Snowblind, Bewitch, Nature Reclaims, Riposte, Underground Tunnels, Thorn Roots, and Twist allegiance.
  • Five alternate-art hero skins (cosmetic) — of which four of them are available in the Into Ashes Organized Play kit
  • The Silent Ambassador Outsider

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 12 × 29.5 cm

Italian, French, English, German